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Why Do I Love You?

Why Do I Love You?


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Why Do I Love You? helps children verbalize unconditional love. It is the story of a typical day in a child’s life, showing them how perfect they are in every moment; that regardless of what happens, they are loved simply for being themselves.

Eleanor’s inspiration for the book is also pretty special. “My two gorgeous children, Fionn and Elise, were my inspiration,” she smiles before recounting her story. Eleanor was on maternity leave in January 2016 with her two children, who were 18 months and 3 months at the time. While life with two young babies was busy, she was unprepared for how lonely and isolating the experience could be, especially during winter. Eleanor decided to take advantage of the time when the children were having their naps to focus on something she was passionate about. She recalls, “I got out a pen and paper and wrote a list of the things that brought me joy. Once I decided it would be a book, there really was only one area I was interested in writing about, and that is ‘Unconditional Love’.”

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Why Do I Love You?