Castlemartyr House Gallery & Gifts

Thomasina Earley

Born into the Irish Landscape and growing up in Co, Westmeath, I have been fascinated by surfaces,
textures and plant decay from a very young age, always questioning natures forms and ways…

My work is based on the curiosity of the land we walk, what lies beneath and the history buried within.
Stories, Ancestors, Layers and Frequencies are carried through using Peats from the Bogs, Clays and
Brittle Charcoal from the Fires. A deep connection to the land allows me to work in awareness with
what I’m being called to at any given time.
“Peat holds the imprint of the past. Our journeys resonate with the rawness of the
land, steeped in layers of time. I feel honoured to do the work I do.”