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Michelle Harton

I’m an Irish artist and I work mainly in acrylic and water soluble drawing materials. I’ve studied art at Fermanagh College in Northern Ireland, classical portraiture and figure painting and drawing at the private art school and international arts colony Studio Escalier in France and plein air painting with David Mynett in Majorca and is an alumni of the intensive Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton along with many years of self directed study and experimentation.

That which can’t be seen is so intriguing for me, be it mystical, internal or injustice in the world. I think that is why I love to paint, there is a magic in being able to create worlds, memories and emotions into being from nothing and from having another person connect to it too. Through my artwork I try to make some sense of it through painting and researching but it only takes me further down the rabbit hole.